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Events: dataserver( key query_id, string data)

The dataserver event is designed to read or retrieve asynchronous data from any script within the object. It receives that data in the form of a list, which is then usually converted to standard variable forms.


 key cardKey;
 integer cardLine = 0;
 string cardName="MyNotecard";
 state_entry(){// get current card key and line
   cardKey = llGetNotecardLine( cardName, cardLine++ ); //triggers dataserver event, reading the first card line
   dataserver( key query_id, string data ) {
   if( query_id != cardKey )  // checks to see if proper card being read
          {llOwnerSay( "Problem reading notecard" );
   if( data == EOF) {llOwnerSay( "Finished reading notecard");}  // checks for end of file
   else {cardKey = llGetNotecardLine( cardName,cardLine++ );}  // reads the next line in the card