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Function: string iwGetAgentData( key id, integer data);

Returns a string of text information similar to the text normally returned through the dataserver event by llRequestAgentData.

  • key id - The UUID of the avatar to target
  • integer scope - link number of the target prim (one of the AGENT_LIST_* constants defined for iwGetAgentList) This can be:

DATA_ONLINE - Returns 0 if the avatar is offline, or 1 if online
DATA_NAME - The requested avatar's name.
DATA_BORN - The date the avatar was born or created on, in the ISO-8601 format YYYY-MM-DD.
DATA_PAYINFO - Returns a bit mask indicating the avatar's payment info.  0x1 is set if the avatar's payment info is on file, and 0x2 is set if the avatar's payment info is used.

string = the requested data. Blank if the given UUID is not an avatar.

Important Notes

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The following is a script that will tell you if it is your rezday when clicked, and will also speak your name. Rezday and name are both detected through iwGetAgentData.

   integer IsRezDay(key id) {
       string rezdate = llGetSubString(iwGetAgentData(id, DATA_BORN), 5,-1);
       string today = iwFormatTime(iwGetLocalTime(), FALSE, "MM-dd");
       return (rezdate == today);
       touch_start(integer num)
           key id = llDetectedKey(0);
           integer i = IsRezDay(id);
           string username = iwGetAgentData(id, DATA_NAME);
           if(i) llSay(0, "It is your rezday, " + username + "!");
           else llSay(0, "It is not your rezday, " + username + ".");

General Notes

This function is only available in InWorldz.

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