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A key is a unique identifier in InWorldz for all kinds of things such as avatars, groups, textures, objects, etc. Keys are also referred to as UUIDs, UIDs, or "Asset ID". The key is composed of 32 hexadecimal characters separated at specific intervals by dash characters (-), for a total of 36 characters.


key avatar_uuid = "a822ff2b-ff02-461d-b45d-dcd10a2de0c2"
key texture_uuid = "d7990fec-1078-42ab901d6-ff001df89ca5"


  • The constant NULL_KEY is defined as "00000000-0000-000000000-000000000000"
  • Acquiring a key can be done in one of three way:
    • The key can be supplied to you by another person
    • You can use an LSL function such as llGetKey
    • Right-clicking on an item in your inventory and selecing "Copy Asset UUID". This works only for full permission items.
  • Variables of key type can be typecast to string and vice-versa. They cannot be typecast to any other variable type.

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