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Buying and Managing Land

General Information on Buying Virtual Land

See the main Land Portal page for general information on InWorldz regions, and a pricing and comparison table of the differences between the many options for purchasing virtual land.

As a summary, in InWorldz land owners can buy one or more full regions, or land parcels within a region:

Buying an InWorldz Region

A full region of virtual land is 256 by 256 metres, representing 65536 square metres of virtual land. There are several choices for purchasing virtual land in InWorldz:

Mainland Region

  • $40/month, and for each month thereafter

Mainland regions are estate owned by InWorldz Inc. They are restricted to PG content only, and as region renter you do not have full estate controls. Terraforming is restricted to +/- 15m. The land impact is limited to 30,000 prim equivalents.

Private Region

  • $50 for the first month, $75/month thereafter
  • Recurring discounts down to $60/month depending on total number of private regions you own

Private regions are owned by you (in the sense that you have total control over it while you pay the monthly tier). They have no rating restrictions, and allow estate owners and managers full flexibility of the estate tools. Maximum land impact is 45,000 prim equivalents.

Scenic Region

  • $10 for the first month, $20/month thereafter
  • Limited to 8 scenic regions per private region

Scenic regions are a variant of private regions. They are owned by you, have no rating restrictions, and have the same estate controls as private regions. Maximum land impact is 5000 prim equivalents. Unlike private regions, scenic regions have usage restrictions described in the details below:

2x2 Region Bundle

  • $60 for the first month, $85/month thereafter
  • Four full 256x256 private regions (512x512) totaling 48000 prim equivalents
  • The four regions must be adjacent in a 2 by 2 square layout
  • Each individual region must not exceed 12000 prim equivalents

These 2x2 "quad" region bundles are a single billing package of four full regions. Compared to a single full private region, this provides the owner with four times the land area, and 3000 more prim equivalents, while costing only $10/month more. There is much more information on the 2x2 page.

There is much more information on the various land offerings, including land rentals, on the Land Portal page.

Renting Smaller Land Parcels

In addition to purchasing whole regions, it is also possible to purchase a smaller portion of a region, known as a land parcel.

Land Parcel Rentals from Third-Party Landlords

There are many third-party landlords in InWorldz offering affordable virtual land, in all sizes from very small parcels to full regions.

It is important to understand the difference between a region and a land parcel within that region. A region can be subdivided into land parcels. By default, there is a single region-wide land parcel. However, it up to the region owner (Estate Owner, or "EO") to decide how to subdivide a region (if at all) and it is that region owner who is the ultimate authority for a region. While the InWorldz Terms of Service provide grid-wide rules, the EO of a region also makes the rules that specifically apply to that region, and can at any time change those rules or impose new ones. Often, the rules are listed in the Covenant if the region, and at their discretion, also reclaim a land parcel that another user has purchased from them, at any time. This is provides a mechanism for an estate owner to manage and police a region, and keep it safe and usable for other purchasers or renters, and for visitors to that region. Because the region owner remains the technical owner of all parcels within a region, even those which have been "sold" to others, the act of buying a land parcel is often referred to as renting a parcel, in spite of performing a "Buy" operation, or finding one under Search's "Land Sales" tab.

There are several ways to purchase (rent) a land parcel. For land in regions owned by other InWorldz users, use the in-world Search facility to search under Land Sales, or perhaps the Classified section, and search for "residential" or "commercial". It is typical to "Buy" a land parcel as the first step in renting land in a region that is owned by another user. The transfer may be temporary; it does not mean that the region owner has transferred ownership to the "buyer" in a permanent way. For this reason, it is also common to see land for sale at $0 or very low prices; the landlord is usually paid an additional fee, per week or per month, via an in-world rental box that the renter pays, via an external website, or by manually paying the landlord. It is important to remember that from the perspective of the InWorldz grid, other than Plus parcels (below), land ownership is at the region level; the region owner can reclaim land at any time. Land rentals are an agreement between the landlord and the renter. As a result, even though landlords often offer superior land parcels, homes, communities and even pricing, some new residents prefer to deal with InWorldz directly, rather than a landlord, until they become more familiar with the community and the landlords, and establish a bond of trust.

Plus Parcels: Buying a Land Parcel Directly From InWorldz

To obtain land from InWorldz itself, the only choices are to purchase one or more entire regions (see above), or to claim ownership of a Plus parcel by subscribing on a monthly basis as a Plus user. For $5.95/month, a Plus user membership includes an optional Plus parcel, a stipend of InWorldz currency (I'z$), and other Plus "perks". See the Plus page for more information.

Plus user accounts are paid/premium accounts that offer virtual land purchased directly from InWorldz. These are idea for cautious users who do not wish to involve a third-party landlord, however Plus parcels are more restrictive than regular land parcels. They exist only in specific Plus mainland regions, are offered only in one size (2048 sqm) and only the Plus parcel owner or the owner's partner can rez objects there.

Plus parcels are offered as an incentive for users who may have never owned virtual land before, and want to give it a try at a modest fee. It is a way to "dip toes into the water" with an offering from the grid owners themselves. More experienced users may wish to gain the benefits of renting from an established landlord, with more land offerings, of different sizes, different or fewer restrictions, and quite often more land or higher prim availability than Plus parcels. Still, they may appeal or even be preferable to some users, especially for some of the other benefits.

For more info on the Plus user program, Plus land parcels and Plus regions, see the separate detailed section on Plus accounts and Plus parcels.

Other Land-Related Requests

  • Currently there are no setup fees, and that is expected to continue indefinitely. All initial setup fees are currently waived.
  • Transferring your region to another owner: No Charge
  • Rename your region: $5
  • Change the estate name: $5
  • Moving your region to a different part of the world: $15

Additional Information

For additional information on land, discounts on buying multiple regions, or other InWorldz topics, see the links below:

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