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Welcome to the InWorldz Knowledge Base
Here you can find the answers to most of your questions about InWorldz. When you know questions and answers that aren't in here yet, please feel free to add them under the right header.


What is the Currency in InWorldz?

The Currency in Inworldz is I'z by residents called Izzies or Inworldz

Where can i buy I'z?

You can buy I'z via the inworldz website at http://inworldz.com/buyiz.php. Simply enter the amount of I'z you'd like to purchase below, and submit that to PayPal. Please make sure you allow PayPal to redirect you back to InWorldz when your transaction is complete to have immediate access to your I'z!

What is the exchange rate for buying I'z?

Currency Exchange Rate: $500 I'z per $1USD

Where can i sell I'z?

You can sell I'z via the inworldz website at http://inworldz.com/sellIz.php. Any PayPal user may use this service, which means you must have a PayPal account, in good standing, to process your I'z out. Simply fill out the form below. Transactions are processed every Tuesday and Friday, and will be available immediately after processing to you in your PayPal account. All transactions must meet a $5 minimum USD balance (before processing fees are calculated).

Can i transfer Lindens to Inworldz?

No, however there are third party exchange options available on the grid.


How to buy a region...

Log into InWorldz, to the InWorldz Desert Isle Location (79, 204, 29), and there is a Private Isle Region vendor. The vendor will walk you through setting up which island configuration you wish to use (10 different configurations which you can view starting at InWorldz Alpha), Region Name, Estate Name. And then proceed to direct you to your shopping cart to finish paying. ** Mainland regions not yet available!

If you are purchasing a Private Isle, select one of the InWorldz Oceans available on the map (be kind, please don't select one next to an existing region) and you'll see a "For Sale" button. clicking on this will bring you to a configuration sheet where you can enter the estate name and region name you would like. Allow up to 24hours for us to process this and get your region up and running. If you have any problems do not hesitate to contact us at support@inworldz.com

How to get land from the Region Resell Center?

Log into the InWorldz website and go to the page http://inworldz.com/resell.php.

What does a sim move cost?

Moving your region to a different part of the world will cost you $15

What does a region transfer of owners cost?

At this moment there are no transfer costs.

What does a region name change cost?

To rename the region cost $5, when you also want to change the estate name you pay an additional $5.

Its been 24 hours after ordering my region, but didnt get it.. what to do?

Contact support@inworldz.com with a copy of your transaction.

My region needs a restart or is offline. What to do?

Place a post in the Post Your Region Down Notice HERE with the name of the region in there.