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Land Portal

Here you will find a description of the various types of virtual land in InWorldz, as well as information on the costs and how to purchase land.

There are categories of land ownership in InWorldz: full region ownership and land parcel ownership. With the exception of Plus parcels, owning a land parcel is often considered "renting" virtual land. This is because the region owner remains the official owner of all parcels in a region, even if the land parcel indicates your name.

Options for Buying Full Regions

There are four options for buying full regions in InWorldz:

Mainland Regions 

  • Price: $40/month, with no setup fee.
  • Estate Owner: InWorldz Mainland
  • Land area: 65536 (64K) square metres
  • Available Prims (LI): 30000
  • Restrictions:
    • Mainlands are restricted to PG content only, and do not have full Estate controls. You may not assign an estate manager, and terraforming is restricted to +/- 15m.

Private Regions

  • Price: $75/month, with no setup fee.
  • Estate Owner: You (individual user)
  • Land area: 65536 (64K) square metres
  • Available Prims (LI): 35000, 40000, or 45000, depending on whether you own a single full region, two full regions, or 4 or more full regions.
  • Restrictions:
    • Private regions have no rating restrictions, allow estate managers, full flexibility of the estate tools.

Scenic Regions 

  • Price: 20/month, no setup fee. (Note: Scenic regions can only be ordered by region owners.)
  • Estate Owner: You (individual user)
  • Land area: 65536 (64K) square metres
  • Available Prims (Land Impact): up to 5000
  • Restrictions:
    • Only the region owner or the owner's partner can rez objects.
    • You may not rent them out for business/residential use.
    • They may only be used for "scenery" to the existing regions.
    • No "ad farms" on scenic regions.
    • No skyboxes below 500m.

2x2 Four-Pack of Regions

  • Price: $60 for the first month, with no setup fee, $85/month thereafter.
  • Estate Owner: Typically you (the individual user), if purchased from InWorldz. Some landlords offer individual regions from a 2x2 four-pack that they own. In that case, bear in mind that there is a difference between being the estate owner (or estate manager) versus owner of a full-region land parcel.
  • Land area: 65536 (64K) square metres x 4 regions
  • Counts as a single billing unit (single region) in terms of volume discounts
  • Available Prims (LI): up to 48000 total, but no more than 12000 per region
  • Restrictions:
    • A single billing unit (must be billed as one item to a single user account).
    • The four regions must be adjacent on the map in a single 2x2 square layout.
    • Each individual region must not exceed 12000 prim equivalents.

For more information, see the separate 2x2 four-region bundles page.

All of these region purchase options are available by logging in to the main InWorldz website and selecting View Map/Purchase Region from the Buy Land menu.

There is quite a bit more information on the General Information on Buying Virtual Land page.

Volume Purchase Discounts

As quoted by Elenia Llewellyn, Inworldz Founder through The Region Discount Page

"Anyone with 4+ regions will find they have a $5 off discount per region. The way this system works is you're allowed a max discount of up to $15 off per region, broken down into groups of 4. This means at #12 region you have reached your max discount. This discount ONLY applies to private isles. Mainlands do not receive any discounts."

Keep your Region Healthy and view this thread by Elenia: Region health and happiness

Options for Renting Land Parcels

There are two options for obtaining smaller (parcels) of land in InWorldz:

Plus Regions 

  • Price: $5.95/month
  • Estate Owner: InWorldz Mainland
  • Land area: subdivided into 2048 (2K) square metre parcels
  • Available Prims (LI): typically about 1200 (1407 minus LI cost of the Plus house provided by the parcel)
  • Restrictions:
    • Only Plus parcel owners and their partners can rez objects. (No group rezzing.)
    • Plus parcel owners cannot sell/transfer/deed their parcel.
    • Plus parcel owners and partners can only rez objects within their parcel.
    • Each Plus parcel comes with a specific house, from a selection of default homes, which cannot be modified or returned.

For more information, see the separate Plus parcels and Plus user accounts page.

Third-party Landlords

  • Price: varies, some offer weekly or monthly rates
  • Estate Owner: your landlord
  • Land area: varies according to landlord offering
  • Available Prims (LI): up to 48000 total, but no more than 12000 per region
  • You pay rent to a third-party user (landlord).
  • From InWorldz' perspective, you do not own the land.
  • Restrictions:
    • Restrictions and terms are at the discretion of the region owner (your landlord).

To subscribe to InWorldz Plus, see the InWorldz Plus dashboard on the main website.


Its been 24 hours after ordering my region, but didn't get it.. what to do?

Contact support@inworldz.com with a copy of your transaction information.

My region needs a restart or is offline. What to do?

A region restart can be done in 3 ways. Please see for more information: Restarting a Region

How to buy a region...

For information on how to buy regions or land parcels, see the page on General Information on Buying Virtual Land.

What are the fees associated with land change Support requests?

See the fees for land-related operations on the General Information on Buying Virtual Land page.

Additional Information

For additional information on land, discounts on buying multiple regions, or other InWorldz topics, see the links below: