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Credit to Lecktor Hannibal

As we have no desire to shut down Second Inventory and allowing users to bring their things into the world, we have done quite a bit of testing to see what causes problems and what does not. Some of the issues are SI related, some are server related, OS related, but we've done our best to come up with working solutions for our residents to safely upload with SI. Please be sure you make note of these guidelines!

1. Textures - These are an interesting little issue. I've done them by putting them inside boxes in like SL then bringing them over. The rate at which SI sends them up to the server, tends to at times put them in, but doesn't really. So you end up with a 0 x 0 pixel texture. Which obviously does you no good. And the batch upload for textures is well... yeah, let's not go there. The easiest way and surest way of uploading textures to the world are as follows:

    a. Using SI, do a Folder Back up where your textures are.
    b. Select Export. Do NOT allow it to simply drop them into the folder as the txtbackup file it uses.
    c. Set for file format you wish it to be saved as (jpg, tga, png)
    d. After this is done, log into Inworldz with your viewer.
    e. Select File -> Bulk Uploads
    f. Navigate to your SI_Inventory folder (wherever you have it stored at), then to Exports and look for your folder.
    g. Select all your textures and say OK.

Now you have all your textures and they have uploaded safely. The system will also be more likely to give you errors on bad files and stop the upload at that texture. Don't try to reup that particular texture, as it won't let you. Just reselect from the next texture on and keep going.

2. Sculpties - This was a tougher bug to discover. 128 x 128's are not only double the pixel size in file format, but this means it also has more information to dump into the table for assets. SI will usually time out on it with our configuration right now. Which means, you won't be able to get your 128 x 128 sculptie textures over. We recommend you resize them to 64 x 64, reapply them to the item you wish to export over, and resave it via SI, then bring it Inworldz.

2.a Objects with Sculpties - To go along with #2, objects that have 128 x 128 sculptie files will time out your SI viewer. Thus resulting in the object not being properly brought over. Simply change the sculptie files down to 64 x 64 on the object you are trying to import, resave to your HD, and import it over correctly.

3. Testing SI - There are four islands where you can safely use SI at right now, and just setting SI to log in at Testing SI will dump you in one of the four. If you attempt to use SI anywhere else, your account will be locked, which will require Loki to unlock you, and be prepared to hear a lecture hehe. :)

Following these steps above, should ensure your safe uploads of SI, and allow the residents to bring their stuff over. Do realize, if for some reason, you copy something over to our world, that you do NOT have full rights on, and the original creator files a DMCA and notifies us, it will be removed from your inventory. In other words, we do not condone Copybot material being brought over.

If you bring over textures that are full perm from other worlds, we expect you to respect the original creator's rights in this regard. This means, you may not give them out yourself, as is standard TOS when you bought the textures in another world. You may use them for your builds, you may sell your builds, but you may not resell nor give away their textures. This is their decision to sell them in our world or not, but we also respect the fact you purchased these textures. If you do resell their textures or give them away freely to others, we will strip them from your inventory. There is a system in place for this as well, if you do it once, items will be removed, and you will get a warning. If you violate it again, we will ban you.

That being said, enjoy using SI, follow the guidelines above, and happy creating  :)

[quote="Lecktor Hannibal"]I've taken the time to create some screenshots that will hopefully help some of you out. The settings you'll see here have worked very well for me.

This illustrates where to input your desired login location. Please use Testing SI as we've set those sims up specifically for this purpose.

This illustrates where to input the data for our grid under preferences, custom grids, add grid. [img][/img]

This illustrates the network settings that have worked for me. Yes, the udp protocol is a bit slower, but I've found reliable. [img][/img]

I hope this helps.[/quote]