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Release notes by the Linux Dev(s) for IW Viewer v1.4.8.0

(as always... lots of stuff updated by McCabe that's not shown here)

The Linux updates for this release is mostly techie stuff

Release Notes

    • Please make sure you clear cache! if you are upgrading from 1.4.1 or earlier.

  • Added:
    • new build type of 'FAST' - higher optimization and sse2 (linux only).
    • new file suffixes for different builds (-SSE2, -FAST, -DBG) (linux only)

  • Fixes/Updates:
    • url's now escape out single quotes (apostrophes) (all builds)
    • all build types now work (linux only).
    • fixed '-g' (debug compile flag) from always being on (linux only).
    • updated install.xml for Linux 64bit build (now builds on Debian 6)
    • streaming audio working on 64bit (on Debian - needs testing on other distros)

  • Known Issues:
    • 64bit Linux voice will probably not work (needs testing)
    • 64bit Linux crashes on snapshot when closing snapshot window.
    • AO still needs a little work for under water.
    • General Linux cleanup is main focus for the moment (well, trying, anyway)
      • yes yes, I'm trying to get these taken care of... Honest.

  • Dev Notes:
    • My Thanks to Zauber for help on the 64bit Linux stuff for this release
      • She's also thankful that I put aside my predatory instincts so that she wouldn't wind up as dragon food --Zauber Paracelsus 11:27, 16 September 2012 (PDT)
    • BETAs: We have two possible betas to serve up...
      • BETA-1: The 32bit 'FAST' release - although I believe it is solid, I'm offering it as a beta for now so it gets a bit more testing.
      • BETA-2: a 64bit build. this is truly beta, as there are known problems. I am hoping to have this in the next week or so... watch this space.

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