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InWorldz Plus

As described in the Land Portal page, and again on the General Information on Buying Virtual Land page, in addition to purchasing whole regions, it is also possible to purchase a smaller portion of a region. There are many third-party landlords in InWorldz offering affordable virtual land, but from InWorldz itself, the only choices are to purchase one or more entire regions, or to claim ownership of a Plus parcel by subscribing on a monthly basis as a Plus user.

For $5.95/month, a Plus user membership includes a Plus parcel, a stipend of InWorldz currency (I'z$), and other Plus "perks" described below.

Plus user accounts are paid/premium accounts that offer virtual land purchased directly from InWorldz. These are idea for cautious users who do not wish to involve a third-party landlord, however Plus parcels are more restrictive than regular land parcels. They exist only in specific Plus mainland regions, are offered only in one size (2048 sqm) and only the Plus parcel owner or the owner's partner can rez objects there.

Plus parcels are offered as an incentive for users who may have never owned virtual land before, and want to give it a try at a modest fee. It is a way to "dip toes into the water" with an offering from the grid owners themselves. More experienced users may wish to gain the benefits of renting from an established landlord, with more land offerings, of different sizes, different or fewer restrictions, and quite often more land or higher prim availability than Plus parcels. Still, Plus parcels, or the overall Plus membership, may appeal or even be preferable to some users, especially for some of the other benefits.


For only $5.95 per month you get the following benefits:

Plus account which has claimed a Plus parcel in the current month

  • includes a 2048 sqm parcel on a Plus region
  • InWorldz currency stipend of 500 I’z$
  • discounts at participating merchants
  • access to Plus-only regions, such as the InWorldz Plus Sandbox region

Plus account which has NOT claimed a Plus parcel in the current month

  • InWorldz currency stipend of 1500 I’z$
  • discounts at participating merchants
  • access to Plus-only regions, such as the InWorldz Plus Sandbox region

Plus Land Parcels

Plus parcels are found on Plus regions, which are mainland regions owned by InWorldz Mainland, but each is managed by a specific individual Plus Manager.

Plus parcels are:

  • 2048 (2K) square metres in size
  • typically offer about 1200 prims (LI), which is 1407 minus the LI cost of the Plus house provided by the parcel


  • Only Plus parcel owners and their partners can rez objects. (No group rezzing.)
  • Plus parcel owners cannot sell/transfer/deed their parcel.
  • Plus parcel owners and partners can only rez objects within their parcel.
  • Each Plus parcel comes with a specific house, from a selection of default homes, which cannot be modified or returned.

Frequently Asked Questions about Plus Accounts, Parcels and Managers

What are Cornerstone accounts?

Regions owners (private island or mainland) are considered Cornerstone accounts. As a Cornerstone account holder you get discounts at participating merchants and access to Plus-only regions, but neither a monthly stipend nor a free parcel.

What are Cornerstone Plus accounts?

Region owners who want to subscribe to the full Plus membership at $5.95 US will also get the monthly stipend and optional parcel and will be identified as Cornerstone Plus.

What are Plus regions?

Plus regions are owned by InWorldz, and are part of the InWorldz mainland, but are split into 2048 square meter parcels for individual parcel ownership by InWorldz users. Each Plus region is managed by another InWorldz user (Plus Manager), under the region ownership and guidance of InWorldz itself.

When are Plus subscriptions billed?

Plus subscriptions are billed on the first day of each new month. The first payment will be billed immediately, but prorated to be appropriate for the number of days remaining in the current month. For example, if you subscribe on the January 31, you will be billed immediately for 1 day, then billed again, but for the monthly amount, on February 1 (the next day).

When do I get my stipend payment?

As a Plus subscriber, you will get an initial I'z$500 stipend when you first sign up, prorated to the number of days remaining, on the assumption most people will claim a Plus parcel. On the first day of the following (renewal) month, if you have not claimed a parcel at all during the previous period, you will receive the remaining I'z$1000, prorated for the number of days you were subscribed in that month. If you claimed a parcel at any point during your first month, you will not receive the extra stipend (portion of I'z$1000), however you will get the full I'z$500 for the following month. For every month that follows, you will either get the full I'z$1500 on the first of the month if you did not claim a Plus parcel during the previous month, or I'z$500 if you did claim a Plus parcel at any time during the previous month. Simply put, if you are pay for a full month, and you claim a Plus parcel, you get 500, and if you didn't claim one, you get 1500.

I abandoned my Plus parcel, but only received I'z$500?

The stipend system is automated: you will only receive a I'z$500 stipend if you had a Plus parcel claimed in your name at any time during the previous month. If you do not claim a new Plus parcel, you should receive the full I'z$1500 on the first of the following month.

How can I become a Plus region manager?

To become a Plus region manager you must be in good standing with InWorldz. In addition, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 6 months old in InWorldz
  • You must be a private isle or mainland owner for at least 3 months with InWorldz
  • You must be willing to maintain regions for loose items, and the general look of the Plus region you have been assigned.
  • You must hold at least 1 event per month on each Plus region you have been assigned or 1 group event per month for all Plus members.

What does a Plus region manager do?

  • InWorldz Plus region managers are expected to hold at least one public event per month on their assigned Plus region.
  • InWorldz Plus region managers are expected to maintain the Plus region they have been assigned for loose items and the overall look of the region.
  • InWorldz Plus managers must hold at least one event per month per Plus region they have been assigned or one group event per month for all Plus members.

Are there any rewards for Plus region managers?

When you manage a Plus region you can earn real money:

  • When a minimum of nine Plus account residents have claimed a parcel on the region you manage, InWorldz will give you $US 2 per month, per claimed parcel.

So, for example, if you have 9 claimed parcels, you will earn $18 US per month. If the region you manage is full, that is, if all 24 parcels are claimed, you will receive $48 US per month.

I only have 8 (or less) claimed parcels on my Plus region. Will I still get paid?

No. You must have at least 9 claimed parcels in order to receive money from InWorldz. (However, you're almost there!)

I am a merchant and want to give discounts to Plus users. How can I do that?

You can either use the simple example script provided in the example for the iwIsPlusUser function here, the more complete Plus discount vendor free script, or use one of the commercial or free vendor systems offered by InWorldz residents.

Additional Information

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