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Latest Official Viewers

Here you will find the latest installers in each of the three official InWorldz Viewer versions. Please note that for the best performance and reliability, the latest version should be used of each should be used.

The InWorldz 3 viewer is the latest official viewer and is recommended for all users, but especially for new users.

Inworldz 3.x Viewers 

This is a new version of the InWorldz client software that end users can install and run on their personal computers. It is used to connect to InWorldz as the user (avatar).

It is available for three operating system platforms:

The InWorldz 3 viewer is more directly derived from the "upstream" Linden Lab viewer, and as a result is a smaller, lighter, faster provider of core viewer features than other feature-heavy viewers such as Firestorm. But as a result, some experienced users may prefer to use other viewers or third-party viewers which may include some features that InWorldz 3 does not. However InWorldz 3 is the only viewer which will receive further updates from InWorldz, and is the recommended viewer for new users (and experienced users alike).

This is a latest official viewer from InWorldz, and has the latest viewer features, and fixes that are not available in Viewer 2 (or Viewer 1). As a result, it should be more stable, reliable and complete than earlier viewers.

Third-Party Viewers 

These third-party viewers (TPVs) are provided by organizations other than InWorldz. While InWorldz makes every attempt to support users running this viewers, especially in terms of grid-related issues, InWorldz cannot directly fix viewer problems reported by users of these viewers. The links to these third-party viewers are provided here as recommended alternatives in the event that a user cannot run the InWorldz 3 viewer, or knowingly prefers one of these alternatives.

You can find older versions of the InWorldz viewers, as well as older third-party viewers (TPVs), here (link).

Source Code and Compile Instructions

Here is the link to the Viewer 3 source code repository:

Here are some links to information on building the older InWorldz Viewer 2 yourself:

InWorldz Beta/Test Viewers

The latest and greatest Alpha/Beta/Test builds. Generally not for the faint at heart.

  • The latest beta viewers are actually older than the Release Candidate viewers above, but are available in the the first message of the following forum discussion thread here.